From The Proprietress's Desk

The need to enhance the standard of education in our society and promote academic excellence amongst our future leaders, gave birth to SHOMS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE. At Shoms, we embrace quality and strive for excellence and that is why we are different.

In a highly challenging and technology driven world, a school with purpose and willing ness to meet the desired aspiration of parents and children is required. A t SHOMS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, we encourage teachers and students to set high standards, goals and aspirations for themselves in every sphere of life.Because we believe every individual has a purposein life and his purpose can be achieved through learning.

Learning is more effective in a conducive and motivating environment. Hence, we operate in a decent and conducive learning environment with qualified and experience facilitators to meet the needs of every child in our care. We motivate the weak, encourage the average and challejnge the talented to reaching greater heights.

At SHOMS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, We consider parents as essential factors in the development of a child, thus, accounts for the seamless working and interpersonal relationship between parents and the school. we usually encourage parents to check the progress of their children regularly. In the same vein, we also advise our students to take full advantage of the facilities provide by the school for an improved study.

We are prepared to extend the sound academic blessing of our school to everyone with the quest for quality academic performance.

We take pride in EXCELLENCE.

Words From The Director

History they say gives vision and purpose. The birth of SHOMS International Schools is borne out of quest for excellence and desire to put an end to academic incompetence on the part of the students. We saw the challenges of making light in the tunnel and not at the end of the tunnel and we acted by bringing our “futures” out of the dungeon of failure and mediocrity. Really we have been in the business of illuminating the minds of students and preparing them for the challenges ahead but only the higher school get to take advantage of this opportunity. On the 10th of June 2014, SHOMS International Schools, a sister of Way to Campus Tutor, Known for its academic excellence, was established for all levels of elementary/Basic and college classes. We have since then, nurture the vision for which it was created. which is excellence with all diligence, keeping our heads straight in order to focus on the vision. we know, we won’t derail. Our passions to ensure we deliver only the best to our parents and students have made us provided state of the art facilities both at the basic and college levels within this short period of establishment. We have also included foreign syllabus and examination like IGSCE, SAT, TOEFL etc in order to accomodate for students who will like to study abroad. Besides, we recognise the importance of competent facilitators (i.e. Teachers) In achieving this vision. Hence, we have employed highly knowledgeable teachers who are academically sound and socially balanced, whose role are not only to teach but to mentor until your child(ren) is fullfilled


To become the best formal educational platform for any child with the quest for quality education in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa


To provide the best educational practices and standards as well as environment for our students by engaging them in not only quality class curriculum, but relevant extra curriculum activities for a better out-put.

The President of Nigeria

The Governor Of Lagos State

School Supervisor

The Principals Address...

It is with great sense of humility and pleasure that I introduce our distinguished school to you all. A school that strive in excellence, with a vision to becoming the best educational platform for all her students in Nigeria and beyond.

We Have begun the journey by providing and adoping standard educational practices while engaging our students not only in the classcurricullum but extra curricullum activities for a better perfomance.

We have made great effort in also providing the state of art facilities for our students. the Computer room, Library, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Basic Tech Workshop, Home Economics Room, Sick Bay, Creative/Visual Art Studio, Biology Lab, just to mention a few. I have no doubt in me, that the sky is the beginning.

Apart from striving for advancement in academic achievement, the school also nurtures students with good and proper behavioural values. We offer countless opportunity for students to take part in all sort of co-curriculum activities and community service by broadening their exposure and insight.

Let me quickly our esteemed parents that we are here to help realise your dreams and we will not fail in this responsibility. Your child(ren)’s benefitt is our first priority, with the ever supporting Director and proprietress, we are developing more dedicated team of staff, not jobbers but proffessionals in the line of education. This is SHOMS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, You are the first on our mind.